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Stories/Poetry etc.

Europa - English Verse of Ashbourne and The Peaks - Charlie Mansfield

A new book of poems based on local author Charlies Mansfield's childhood and schooldays in Ashbourne.

Charlie Mansfield started at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Ashbourne in September 1967. Pupils were very fortunate in the sixties for language opportunities, Pupils started French immediately at 11 with Mrs M. Mitchell, then, in the second year, Charles Bowden introduced a group of pupils to Latin. In the third year German language was added to their studies, taught by Mr L. W. Lewis; Ashbourne had strong German interest then because the German football squad trained here during that famous 1966 World Cup.

Queen Elizabeth I’s Free Grammar School in Ashbourne has a strong French connection, too, or at least a Middle French connection. It was the Queen’s favourite language in 1585. The school motto spells the word for ‘hope’ with a medieval letter ‘y’, like this: EN BON ESPOYR. The motto sits beneath the Cokayne family crest which was adopted by the school later. The tiny hamlet, just outside Ashbourne, where Charlie Mansfield grew up, called Blore-Ray also recalls the Medieval French roots of this area. The real name of our English king Stephen was Étienne de Blois (1096 - 1154). The town Blois in France is remembered in the name of the Peak District village, Blore-Ray. The word ‘Ray’ is an English version of the Middle French word régie, which means ‘under the king’s control’. Régie has stayed in the English language as ‘region’.

These early influences encouraged Charlie Mansfield to go on to teach French and eventually research in Middle French at the University of Edinburgh. His new book of poetry is written to give back some of that enthusiasm and encouragement he received from the teachers in Ashbourne. The collection is called Europa. A series of poems takes the reader on a voyage of discovery through the English language.

The story is that of a young British poet finding a way through the history of verse forms whilst being drawn towards the European shore. A few Peak District dialect words are preserved in the writing so that our heritage is not lost, for example lont (a long ridge in a field) is made to rhyme with bont (bound twine or light rope). The book Europa can be used as a study guide with its questions and answers, or as a teacher’s book. It also has parallel translations into French to help you start translating your own writing or simply to enjoy some French.




OS / Philip's Street Atlas: Derbyshire Ordnance Survey

3 1/2 inches to the mile scale. Excellent colour road/street map book of Derbyshire - Shows every road, street, lane and footpaths - as well as farms, built-up areas, isolated buildings, woods. etc. etc. - a must have! - especially as every road and street is indexed at the back - Alan Fagg
NB These are not for serious off-road hikers - e.g. no contours, but are excellent for cyclists, drivers, etc. - or just finding any address as they are fully indexed.

Price: 10.39
Hardcover - 314 pages (13 July, 1998)

OS / Philip's Street Atlas: Derbyshire Ordnance Survey

Paperback version of the above.

Price: 7.99
Paperback - 320 pages (13 July, 1998)

Outdoor Leisure Map 024: the Peak District - White Peak Area - Ordnance Survey

2 1/2 inch to 1 scale. 1 of 42 maps covering Britain's most popular holiday destinations like National Parks and selected Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They are invaluable to tourists and holiday makers as well as serious walkers and climbers, and show picnic areas, carparks, camping and caravan sites

Price: 5.20
Paperback (Dec, 1992)


Outdoor Leisure Map 001: The Peak District - Dark Peak Area - Ordnance Survey

As above but for the Northern part of the Peak district.

Price: 5.20
Paperback (Dec, 1991)


Landranger Map 0119: Buxton & Matlock, Bakewell & Dove Dale - Ordnance Survey

1 1/4 inch to 1 mile scale

Price: 4.20
Paperback (Jul, 1999)


Touring Map and Guide 004: Peak District - Ordnance Survey

1 inch to 1 mile.

Ideal for cycling and touring by car.

Price: 3.60
Paperback (Jul, 1999)


Explorer Map 259: Derby, Uttoxeter, Ashbourne & Cheadle Ordnance Survey

2 1/2 inch to 1 scale.

Price: 4.50
Paperback (Jul, 1999)


Mountain Biking in the Peak District Paul Wake, Paul Woodrow

The varied routes are all within easy reach of the park's main tourist spots, and take in all that the area has to offer. Particular attention has been paid to the layout of the book - the routes are graded in terms of fitness and ability, and directions are clear and concise. Although aimed at the keen mountain biker, this book is suitable for riders of all abilities - there's a wide choice of rides of varying levels of difficulty. But if you're feeling more ambitious - there's a challenging 3-day loop route to tackle! Synopsis This guide offers 20 "at-a-glance" routes, graded in terms of fitness and ability, for mountain bikers. It provides information on bike shops, YHAs, campsites and Tourist Information Centres along with sketch maps and the authors own photographs.

Price: 6.36
Paperback - 127 pages (30 September, 1999)

Cycle Route Guide: Derbyshire, Cheshire and North Staffordshire - Gillean Wilde

Price: 7.19
Spiral-bound - 128 pages ( 1 April, 1999)


Mountain Bike Guide: Quality Routes in the Peak District and Derbyshire - Mike Pearce

Price: 7.50
Paperback - 144 pages ( 1 June, 1997)


Best Pub Walks in the Peak District - the White Peak Les Lumsdon, Martin Smith

Features a collection of walks varying from three to nine miles in length. Many of the rambles begin from White Peak villages such as Alstonfield and Youlgreave, and all are designed to take in local attractions and refreshment stops at real ale pubs.

Price: 5.56
Paperback - 158 pages (June 1991)


Circular Walks in the Derbyshire Dales - John N Merrill

Price: 4.95
Paperback - 48 pages (30 June, 1993)

Half-day Walks in the Peak District Vol 2: The South-East Alan Bradley

Price: 5.56
Paperback - 170 pages (29 June, 1997)

Derbyshire Walks with Children - William D. Parke

This title presents 24 circular walks reflecting the diversity of the Derbyshire countryside, taking into account the needs, entertainment and safety of children. All walks range from between one and six miles, with "escape routes" along the way

Price: 5.56
Paperback - 166 pages (June 1997)


The Domesday Book Vol 27: Derbyshire

Extract for Derbyshire from the Domesday book, the Latin on the left pages and the English translation on the right hand pages. Fascinating reading for any local historians - also has an index of people and places. I'm still trying to find out where "Peak's Arse" is, I'm not surprised it's name changed! -Alan Fagg

Price: 12.00
Hardback 106 pages (1978)

The Domesday Book Vol 27: Derbyshire

Paperback version of the above.

Price: 7.00
Paperback 106 pages (1978)


The Domesday Book Vol 24: Staffordshire

Extract for Staffordshire from the Domesday book (county to the left of Derbyshire), the Latin on the left pages and the English translation on the right hand pages

Price: 12.00
Hardback (1979)


The Domesday Book Vol 24: Staffordshire

Paperback version of the above.

Price: 7.00
Paperback (1979)

1872 Black's Tourist's Guide to Derbyshire

The contents of the book include: a general description of Derbyshire; area; population; position; history; antiquities; eminent men; geology; manufactures; agriculture; railways and canals; map of Buxton; map of Chatsworth and vicinity; plan of Haddon Hall and 25 engravings on wood and steel.

Price: 8.95
Paperback - 351 pages (1999)


Anglo-Saxon and Viking Derbyshire

Our Price: 3.99
Paperback - 351 pages (1993)

The Village Atlas: the Growth of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, 1834-1904

The "Village Atlas" series demonstrates the incredible expansion of cities and their environs during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, when thousands of acres of land were suddenly covered with houses, factories, railways and canals. Villages and hamlets were swamped in the process, losing their individuality, to form one huge metropolis. The book divides Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire into 32 sections of 40 square miles each. For each section, it provides three Ordnance Survey maps on a scale of about two inches to the mile. The first map in the section shows the area in the early 1800s when the first survey was made, the second shows the situation in the middle of the century, and the third the state of development by the early 1900s. Thus, by turning the page, an immediate and detailed impression of the growth of an area is gained. A useful reference source for academics, this book will also appeal to the increasing number of people who belong to local history societies.

Our Price: 17.50
Hardback - 208 pages (1993)

Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Derbyshire - Roy Hughes

Our Price: 24.99
Hardcover - 160 pages (15 May, 1998)

Derbyshire - Roly Smith, Martin Doughty

Price: 7.16
Paperback - 142 pages (October 1998)
Open moorland and steep rocky valleys form the backdrop to this new account of the folklore and history of the towns and villages of Derbyshire's Peak District. Roland Smith pays meticulous attention not only to the famous towns of Bakewell, Derby and Buxton but also to lesser-known southern county villages such as Sudbury and Elveston. Those interested in local history or visitors to the area will find themselves thoroughly absorbed in both historical facts and details of folk traditions whose roots are long lost in misty pagan times - some joyous, some tragic. In the North there's Castleton, home of the unique garlanding festival, which welcomes the coming of spring. In the South, in Tissington, there's the first recorded well-dressing ritual which gives thanks for the precious resource of water. And then there's the tragic tale of the plague village of Eyam, whose self-sacrificing inhabitants volunteered to remain in their homes to stop the spread of disease. - A comprehensive guide and a good read. Synopsis Ideal for local history lovers and vistors, this book provides details of the ancient villages, the busy towns and the Derbyshire countryside.'

Railways of the High Peak: Buxton to Ashbourne - M.J. Bentley, G.K. Fox

Price: 10.36

Derbyshire Privies - David Bell
Price: 6.95
Paperback - 96 pages (15 October, 1998)


Population History in Derbyshire - Peter Stuart Fox, D V Fowkes
Price: 1.50
Hardcover (March 1975)


William Woolley's History of Derbyshire - P. Riden (Editor), L. Glover (Editor)
Price: 15.00

Uppies and Downies - Hugh Hornby
Excellent book about the "mob" football games in Britain - including Ashbourne's Royal Shrovetide Foolball game.
Price: £16.99 ISBN 978 1 9056246 4 5
Paperback - 188 pages



Geology Explained in the Peak District - F. Wolverson Cope

Our Price: 9.95
Paperback ( 4 February, 1998)

Geology of the Country Around Ashbourne and Cheadle

Our Price: 45.00
Paperback - 160 pages (31 December, 1988)


Ashbourne Guide and Souvenir - Stella Porter

Our Price: 2.99
Paperback - 32 pages (26 March, 1999)
We expect to be able to find this title for you within 4-6 weeks.

Good little guide. Map of the town and a walk-thru tour.


Descending into Ashbourne - Peter Dawson

Our Price: 8.99
Paperback ( 1 February, 1999) .


Colourful Peak District - Lindsey Porter

List Price: 6.95 Our Price: 5.56
Paperback - 128 pages (24 March, 2000)
This title is usually dispatched within 2-3 days.



Derbyshire Peaks and Dales - John Brooks

List Price: 7.95 Our Price: 6.36
Paperback - 96 pages (July 1996)

Francis Frith's Peak District - Francis Frith

List Price: 14.99 Our Price: 11.99
Hardcover - 115 pages (28 June, 2000)

Francis Frith's Derbyshire - Francis Frith

List Price: 9.99 Our Price: 7.99
Paperback - 128 pages (31 August, 2000)

The Hidden Places of Derbyshire Barbara Vesey, Sarah Bird (Illustrator)

List Price: 7.99 Our Price: 6.39
Paperback - 244 pages (September 1999)
Usually dispatched within 24 hours



National Park Guide: The Peak District Roly Smith, Ray Manley, Ian Mercer

List Price: 8.99 Our Price: 7.19
Paperback - 112 pages (30 March, 2000)
This title is usually dispatched within 2-3 days.

The Peak District National Park was the first in Britain. This guide examines the scenery, history and culture, of this 555 square mile area of countryside. Accompanied by colour photographs, it covers the park's two contrasting regions of White Peak and Dark Peak.

The Peak: Past and Present Gordon Stainforth

List Price: 25.00 Our Price: 20.00
Hardcover - 208 pages (May 1998)

The author, and photographer, has produced a mixture of prose and photography to portray the Peak District National Park

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